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Reverse lookup caller information for the US and Canada

Did you get a text message or phone call from United States and Canada? This will help you to get information about the caller and report the security level of the phone number.

Safety Caller

Safety Caller

"Safety Caller" here is often referred The caller behind the number is trusted or reputable.

Warning Caller

Warning Caller

"Warning Caller" here is often referred to as a telemarketers, they will often use exaggerated language or fake goods!

Not Safety Caller

Not Safety Caller

"Not Safety Caller" here is often referred to as a telephone scam, a large number of people have lost their money for this!

Unknown Caller

Unknown Caller

“Unknown Caller” with more and more telemarketers, spammers & harassing phone calls.

Caller Type

The following are some of the most common scams that we probe, as well as tips to help prevent you from being victimized.

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  • 1.Free Vacations and Prizes

    Watch out for with these free trip/reward scams, The fraudsters will claim they need your credit card to pay for “tax” or additional fees.

  • 2.Home security systems

    In the scam, victims are offered a "free" security system It comes with expensive long-term monitoring costs or fees.

  • 3.Government grants

    Victims are told they're receiving a government grant. They're charged hundreds of dollars in "processing fees" and may be asked for their bank account information.

  • 4.Loan scams

    Scammers to help lower interest rates(what do auto loan, student loan, small business loan) or threaten that loans are past due. They're all typically scams.

  • 5.Credit card scams

    Scammers claim they can help you pay off your credit card debt faster, but it's just a trap. The callers will try to confirm personal and financial information steal your identity.

  • 6.Elderly scams

    Scammers will call about things like Medicare, anti-aging products and cemetery plots. Much like the free giveaway scams, medical alert scams ask for personal information.

  • 7.IRS scam

    The most common and publicized of phone scams is the IRS scam. Someone claiming to be from the IRS says you owe taxes and penalties. If you don't pay by prepaid card, wire transfer or credit card, you're threatened with arrest or legal action.

  • 8.Bank scams

    Scammers claims to be from your bank and says there's a lock on your account or a hold has been placed on your debit card. The callers will try to confirm personal and financial information steal your identity.